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The company officially launched the production management software PnD system

In order to make management easier, the company officially promoted the PnD system.
For quality traceability and production execution system to help enterprises real-time, efficient, accurate and reliable production process and quality management, combined with the latest bar code automatic identification technology, serial number management ideas, bar code equipment (barcode printer, bar code reader, data acquisition Effectively collect relevant information data of management objects in the production and logistics operations, track the entire process of management objects flowing in their life cycle, enable enterprises to achieve tracking and monitoring of materials in mining, sales and production, product quality Retrospective, sales tracking, warehouse automation management, production site management and quality management, and a new set of workshop information management system.
In order to enable enterprises to have a more complete and competitive production process, comprehensive product quality management capabilities, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve real-time sharing of information. And help companies reduce production costs and increase profitability, so that enterprises have more competitive advantages in the entire production process. At the same time, the flexible PND interface provided by the system can help enterprises to quickly integrate the information platform.
Complete workshop production planning and scheduling, production task query, production process monitoring, intelligent data collection, quality inspection and control, material tracking, raw and auxiliary material consumption control, workshop assessment and management, statistical analysis, human resources and equipment management, etc. Enterprises improve the black-box operation of production site management. Control all materials including equipment, equipment, personnel, process instructions and facilities