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Parts Enterprise: Invisible Hero on the Parade

On the parade ground, the powerful pace of the troops and the tidy and tidy slogans are still echoing. At the same time, the engineering and technical personnel of many parts and components companies in Beijing seem to be faintly visible. These service personnel formed a team that had never appeared in the training of the troops from beginning to end. "From May to Beijing to the military parade officially started, we have been with the team and have clear responsibilities. Where is the team, where are we." Guo Xifeng, an engineer in Shaanxi Farsett, told reporters. Guo Xifeng is a member of the military parade service team that has been adhering to the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People‘s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.
From the receipt of the military parade, not only FAW, Dongfeng, Beiqi, Zhongqi, Shaanxi Auto, Beiben and other vehicle companies, but also include Fast, Xichai, Weichai, Wanliyang and other parts companies, all attach great importance to The military parade equipment support work. Although we can‘t list the names of these parts and components companies, their efforts and efforts for the country‘s armaments are worth remembering. In the preparation process of this military parade, many parts and components companies specially set up technical support teams from the inside of the company to ensure that everything from product production and assembly to on-site military service is foolproof.
In the past large-scale military parade in China, in addition to weapons and equipment, transport vehicles will also play a very important role, whether it is parade equipment or logistics support vehicles are the focus of the industry. How to ensure that these cars and their parts do not fail during the entire military parade has become an important task for the company. Looking back at history, we can find that the reliability and safety performance requirements of military products are constantly improving, and we are also promoting the rapid improvement of the domestic technical level of civilian vehicles.
■ Reliability is not allowed to be half-point error
“Reliability” has almost become the only standard for military equipment. On the battlefield, there is no room for errors. Guo Xifeng said that reliability is not only reflected in product design and production, but also after-sales service guarantee. According to the brand of the OEM, the several engineers stationed in Beijing are responsible for the different product directions. They should provide technical services and follow-up services for the reference team, and maintain smooth communication with the Beijing service center and headquarters. Since Beijing was stationed in Beijing in May, every engineer has been working on dozens of machines that are responsible for their own duties. It can be said that they are directly sent to the army and are on call.
As a member of the logistics support team for the military parade, Xichai, Weichai, Fast, and other major auto parts companies also started service work early. It is reported that at the beginning of this year, Fast began the reserve work of special wearing parts for military products, and actively coordinated with various automakers. After attending the “Parade Project Support Conference” in early March, Fast set up the “Fasht Military Vehicle Rapid Service Team”. The Fasta Joint Quality Management Department is responsible for the special accessories for military parade, from the external audit to the finished assembly. This series of safeguards ensures that the performance of the vehicle is stable and reliable.