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Parts production companies will benefit

According to the Economic Observer Online, the final draft of the "Guidelines for Automobile Maintenance" has been successfully passed, and the procedures of various departments are being taken. It is expected to be released in mid-September.
On the 26th, at the launch conference of the 2015 China Automotive After-sales Service Satisfaction Survey conducted by the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, Meng Qiu, Director of the Vehicle Management Division of the Transportation Service Department of the Ministry of Communications, revealed in an interview that the Ministry of Communications, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 10 ministries The final draft of the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrade of the Automobile Maintenance Industry and Improving Service Quality" has been successfully passed. The procedures of various departments are being taken and are expected to be released in mid-September. From January 1 next year, the "Opinions" officially began to implement. The "Opinions" will be gradually and gradually extended to vehicle manufacturers and parts companies for different situations.
The implementation of the "Opinions" will mean that at the level of institutional norms, the situation that China‘s auto repair industry maintenance technology is monopolized by the automakers‘ 4S shop monopoly and the maintenance service costs are high will be expected to be broken. Since April last year, the status quo of the maintenance industry‘s abnormality in the high-speed auto parts of luxury cars has attracted wide attention. Subsequently, the anti-monopoly investigation against the automobile industry initiated by the National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that the vehicle companies and 4S stores are in the car. Multi-year monopoly in the after-sales field.
With the monopoly of maintenance technology and spare parts supply, the parts distribution of the main engine factory and the maintenance business of the 4S shop will be affected. China Merchants Securities believes that independent maintenance enterprises and parts production and distribution enterprises will obviously benefit, and the related beneficiary company has one auto Wei, Delian Group, Fuyao Glass, Xingyu, Jingu, Longji Machinery, Molding Technology, Camel, Windsurfing, Huayu Automobile.