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Chinese tires accelerate to catch up with the world‘s advanced level

Radial tires are an important development direction for the tire industry. The meridian rate and technological progress of the tires reflect the level of tire production in a country. There are three main sources of technology used in China‘s radial tire production: one is provided by domestic technology-based enterprises, the other is that domestic-funded enterprises absorb and absorb on the basis of imported technology, and the third is the production technology brought by foreign-funded enterprises.
After years of development, China‘s tire industry has built dozens of national-level technology centers. The product design has been self-contained, and the developed tire structure design theory, combined with the finite element analysis method, has basically reached the international advanced level. The low-noise design, the application of new nano-materials, framework materials, the design of low heat generation, low rolling resistance formula and the transformation of rubber mixing process have achieved remarkable results.
In 2007, the giant engineering radial tire production technology and equipment development project jointly completed by the tire enterprise and the rubber machinery equipment company won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and was the highest award in the tire manufacturing field over the years.
At present, the world‘s major tire companies have developed more high-end new products, tire quality and design level has leapt to a new level, tire production technology faces a revolutionary breakthrough. The domestic tire industry must catch up with the world‘s advanced technology, otherwise the market competitiveness will become weaker. Tire companies should be equipped with strong scientific research capabilities, independent development capabilities, and get rid of the passive situation of following others. At the same time, make full use of external scientific and technological resources, carry out integration and innovation, increase international exchanges and cooperation, and master the latest tire market information and technology trends. Through the introduction of global talents and the promotion of local independent innovation, tire products are suitable for domestic and international market demand.
Intelligent production of tires has become a new focus of industry development in recent years. On the basis of digital factories, tire companies use Internet technology and equipment monitoring technology, together with intelligent systems, to build a humanized chemical plant with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The production process uses automation equipment and gradually applies industrial robots to realize tires. Intelligent production.
Production data shows that intelligent factory and tire automated production lines can greatly reduce investment costs, reduce personnel, reduce labor intensity, and improve product quality uniformity, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and economic efficiency.
The picture shows the employees in the molding workshop of Qingdao Senqilin Tire Co., Ltd., the first tire enterprise in China to realize intelligent production. The employees are working hard on the intelligent production line.