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What does the CNC Lathe-mill Cutting Center include?

CNC Lathe-mill Cutting Center uses digital programs to drive the movement of the machine tool. As the machine tool moves, the cutting tool provided with the machine is used to cut the object. This electromechanical integration of cutting equipment is called CNC cutting equipment.

The main varieties of CNC Lathe-mill Cutting Center include: CNC flame cutting machine · CNC plasma cutting machine · CNC laser cutting machine · CNC high pressure water jet cutting machine

CNC Lathe-mill Cutting Center For such equipment, on the premise of meeting the requirements of the cutting process, the system should focus on:
1. The CNC cutting environment has poor working environment, large dust, large temperature change, and vibration during equipment operation. The reliability of the system is of paramount importance.
2. The performance of software and hardware can well meet various technological requirements of cutting.
3. The graphic input is simple, and the field operation performance is good, which is in line with China's national conditions, making field operators easy to operate and maintain.
4. It has better operation convenience, such as above the cutting torch, there are various necessary movement registration and control key operations.