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CNC processing self-test content and scope

Before processing, the processor must read the content of the process card clearly, know the parts to be processed, the shape, the size of the drawings, and know the processing content of the next process.

Before the workpiece is clamped, the size of the blank should be measured to see if it meets the requirements of the drawing. When the workpiece is clamped, it must be carefully checked whether its placement is consistent with the programming operation instructions.

After rough machining is completed, self-inspection should be carried out in time to adjust the error data in time. The content of the self-check is mainly the position and size of the processed parts. Such as: whether the workpiece is loose; whether the workpiece is correctly centered; whether the size of the processed part to the reference edge (reference point) meets the requirements of the drawing; the positional size of the processed parts relative to each other. After checking the size of the position, the rough shape ruler should be measured (except for the arc).

After roughing self-inspection, finish machining. After finishing, the workers should conduct self-inspection on the shape and size of the processed parts: the basic length and width of the processed parts of the vertical plane; the base point size marked on the drawing of the processed parts of the inclined plane.

After the worker completes the self-inspection of the workpiece and confirms that it conforms to the drawings and process requirements, he can remove the workpiece and send it to the inspector for special inspection.